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--Why travel by car? Car Tours of Rajasthan by Namaste India Tours
--Where can we go?
--Why travel with Namaste India Tours?
--What's included in my package?
--Why am I asking all these questions?

Why travel by car?
Try asking your bus driver to stop the coach so you can set up your tripod and get the perfect exposure on that perfect sunset.

Or so you can get off and go to the bathroom for that matter! With a car from Namaste India Tours, you are in control of where you go and when you go, and now we're talking about destination. All our cars come equipped with reverse gear, so if you see something that needs further exploration, just say the word! India doesn't have to pass by you in a blur.
You can't begin to compare the comfort of car travel to the bone clanking experience of Indian buses. (Hey, everybody should have the experience!) And travel on India's vast rail network has a certain mystique. But they don't always go out or come in when they say they should. And many areas of Rajasthan are not well connected by rail. But you've probably already discovered that.

Where can we go?
Anyplace the car can go.

But you probably want a little guidance. Here are just a few of our standard packages to make life easier:

Click here for the complete 16 day/15 night Rajasthan Adventure with "regular" hotels.
Click here for the complete 16 day/15 night Rajasthan Legacy Tour with "upgraded" hotels.
Or here
for the 6 day/5 nightGolden Circuit with "regular" hotels.

Or here for the 6 day/5 night Golden Circuit with "upgraded" hotels.

See all Namaste India Tour's most commonly purchased packages by clicking here or the Rajasthan by Car on the navigation bar.

And let's just get the whole cost issue out in the open right now. The Rajasthan Adventure package is currently roughly US $1,775 per couple by AC Etios or Dzire. The Golden Circuit is roughly $660 per couple. See inside for complete details including pricing for the Innova, and for an extra couple if you are traveling with friends. We don't make any attempt to be the cheapest company, just the one with the highest customer satisfaction.

Can we go other places? You bet. Just email us if you are wondering about wandering someplace else, and we'll let you know if we are the right choice for you. We don't travel to areas where we have no expertise. But we know alot about Northern and Central India.

Why travel with Namaste India Tours?
Because we say what we do, and we do what we say.

And in a land as confusing as India, that can be a godsend. With more than twenty years experience in showing travelers this grand exotic conundrum of a country (did we just use the word conundrum?) we still take joy in the journey ourselves. We understand the needs and concerns of our guests. And we have really, really good drivers. And that is really, really important!

Note that for over twenty years, the Namaste India Tours team has worked out of their homes. We work all the time, all year round. At this time, we do not have a storefront, and hopefully never will again! For a while, we had an office in the shark tank that is Connaught Place. Oh, the stories we could tell...

What's included in my package?
You mean, besides the pleasure of our company?

For having the foresight to book ahead with us, you get complimentary pickup at the airport and transfer to your hotel. You get a complimentary city tour of Delhi on your first day. You have an on-call chauffeur and use of an AC insured tourist car for the duration of your package. Hotel, fuel and all road taxes are all included. What is not included is your food (exceptions noted in your package) and those controversial entrance fees to historic sights. While some sights are still free, and others still be a bargain by western standards, our profit margin is too narrow to take a chance on absorbing unexpected increases! We can advise you on current entrance fees for specific sights closer to your trip date. They range from Rs 5 to Rs 750. In all packages, your breakfasts are included, as well as the use of a mobile phone (you'll need to purchase the SIM card).

Why am I asking all these questions?
Because since you started talking to your friends about going to India, they've been looking at you like you have two heads. And you need to convince yourself you aren't crazy to do this after all.

Click here for details on the complete 16 day/15 night Rajasthan Adventure.

Click here to learn about the 6 night/5 day Golden Circuit.

Or here if you only want a "meet and greet" at the airport in Delhi. We require advance notice; at least two weeks.

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Go ahead, ask us. Free advice (for what it's worth).