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Our clients come from the following countries: Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Columbia, Denmark, Holland, Finland, France, Germany, HKSAR ( Hong Kong Special Administrative Region) Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigera, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Senegal, Slovenia (more than one!!), South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Uruguay, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States.

Home Page (duh) Place for auspicious images and important announcements.

Rajasthan Adventure Tour. Details of the standard circuit by car through Rajasthan naming the hotels we use most frequently.

Rajasthan Legacy Tour. The upgraded version of our standard Rajasthan tour using primarily Heritage Hotels. Our most frequently purchased package.

Golden Circuit. Details for the standard Delhi-Agra-Jaipur-Delhi triangle naming the hotels we use most frequently in our "regular hotel" category.

Golden Circuit Plus Ranthambhor. Maybe you'll see a tiger if you can add two nights to your trip. Not available July 1 through September 30, because the national Park is closed.

Golden Circuit Upgraded. Using hotels averaging Rs 4,000 instead of Rs 1,800.

Golden Circuit Upgraded Plus Ranthambhor. You'll need 7 days/8 nights, and you'll need to come between October 1 and June 30.

Cars. Descriptions of the cars we use in their own words, with pictures.

Car and Driver Hire for India. For people who would really rather make their own hotel choices and book and pay for their hotels themselves.

Escape the Heat Tour. An alternative for people who have no choice but to travel in the summer (not not not the best time to come to India).

Delhi Airport Transfer Service. This is how Namaste India Tours got started. It never should have been that hard to get from the airport to town, but it was...

Airport Pickup plus Delhi Hotel Reservations. If you need to be met at the Delhi aiport, here are your service options with Namaste India Tours. Remember, we can't do a confirmation of services without your complete flight details. Uh, like the date.

DATS Hotels. Pictures of the Delhi hotels we use most frequently with our Delhi Airport Transfer Service. You can't tell ANYTHING by a picture somebody puts on the internet, but prospective clients wanted this here it is. This needs updating, we'll admit it.

Delhi City Tour. Description of the average Delhi city tour, which sometimes must be altered due to traffic, road conditions and the tendency for very political, excitable young people to demonstrate near the Red Fort.

Hotels. The truth about Indian hotels. A must-read in our opinion.

Why. Why travel by car? Why use us to make your arrangements?

Payment options. How to pay. When to pay. Why to pay.

Travel Tips. Travel tips with a little philosophy thrown in.

Rajasthan Road Distance Chart. Just what it sounds like.

Links of Interest. In case you don't find everything you need here at

Disclaimers. Our attempt to tell you what we can and cannot control and to encourage you to purchase travel insurance no matter where you travel on this globe. Also, Page One of some testimonials. We do no advertising what so ever. Our business is based 100% on referrals by past clients.

More References. Page two of some testimonials. We have a really, really good reputation. We DEFINITELY are capable of making mistakes but we ALWAYS strive to provide satisfaction, a very tall order when the majority of our clients have never traveled in a.....developing country. Search any travel forum for "Namaste India Tours" and you'll see for yourself. Any negative posts you'll come across were probably never clients of ours, especially one mean lady who spent a full year systematically maligns us at every opportunity. As she never used our services, we don't understand her motivation. Oh well.

Only of Interest to Ladies.

How to get the Most out of your Quote from a Travel Agency. Old India Mike thread -still relevant!!

How to get the most out of your email quote from an Indian travel agency. And hopefully that is us. This is the original post, living on our server.

Namaste India Tours provided an Ambassador for the Classic India 2013 Car Rally. NIT is one of the few companies who maintains these beauties in their fleet. Check out the pictures here.

Bathrooms I Have Known. OK, this isn't the way most people would promote their business, but as a treat for you because you read all the way to the end of this page...Here it is: the world-famous, server-crashing-until-we-took-out- the-word-bidet Indian bathroom photo gallery.

P.S. There is a company that is called Namaste Tours India, PVT, Limited. Note the word order. We are not they/them. They are not we/us. We imagine them to be a fine upstanding company worthy of all the business they get but we are "special" and hope they don't end up with clients who really meant to use Namaste India Tours! And discovered September 2009: There is also now a company called Namaste India Tours and Travel. If you aren't communicating with either Jawahar or Lu Ann, or are not communicating with "the" Namaste India Tours, the famous Namaste India tours, the most reviewed Delhi travel agency, and the one with the best reputation, hands down. And then discovered January 2010: there is a site that has copied our itineraries word for word, and even stolen our photography. Jeez. And oh my god, now (2011) there is a website that uses our name in their domain name...sneakie, snarkie and down right shifty. AND NOW (2012) a company in the UK called Namaste India Ltd. The price of popularity I guess. We will never email you from any email address other than an email address. And if you want to communicate with the real thing, you'll only use

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