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Perhaps you are curious about what kind of car we'll put you in? It all depends on the number in your party. Let them introduce themselves:

We are like cousins: the Swift Dzire and the Etios. There are few real differences between us except for body style, and Namaste India Tours uses us interchangeably. I did pass European full frontal and offset frontal crash tests as well as endurance safety tests. We are a comfortable car, but not as big as these pictures make us look! Just being honest. Perfect for up to three people. And yes, I do have seatbealts, as do all cars used by Namaste India Tours.

Innovas from Namaste India ToursI'm the new kid on the block, the Innova--a state-of-the-art workhorse with the look and feel of a luxury car, well...almost. I actually posess the safety features that entire nations seem to take for granted in other parts of the world, like airbags and 3 point seatbelts at every seat. Most parties of four select the Innova. I can hold 6 passengers quite comfortably for local Delhi sightseeing, but if you are traveling with any luggage then 5 people is really the max, and then only if you really really really like each other.

Indian residents may have an entirely different view of how many people the cars above can/should hold. If you've ever lived in or visited India, you know this is true. We will not overload a car for safety and comfort reasons.

Tempo Traveler Namaste India ToursSo, what to do if you have a party of six? Then you will want me, the Tempo Traveller mini-bus. If you have issues with personal space, you might even pick me if there are only 5 of you! The maximum number of guests that I will accommodate is 10. Don't be surprised that on some journeys, I come with two staff: the driver and a helper/cleaner. Though I am the most expensive vehicle in the fleet, if I am carrying at least six passengers, then I turn out to be just as cheap per person as those silly little cousins, Etios and Dzire.

Put put put put putI'm the auto-rickhaw, the tuk-tuk, the three-wheeler. You won't be traveling in me. Not as part of your package tour anyway. Cute, right? And such a smooth ride (NOT). If you really, really want to ride in one, you'll have plenty of opportunities. Just be sure you bring your denture glue.

The Grand Dames of Namaste India Tours So I may not be an elegant car, but I have my own kind of beauty, and I've been handling Indian roads dependably for many years. Very few companies in the marketplace even kept classic cars like me (not old, just "classic") and because of that I am getting quite the ego! Sad news...we discontinued the use of Ambassadors in 2014. We were one of the very last hold outs because they were sooooo popular with tourists. Many people asked specifically for the clunky but dependable...and somehow romantic...Ambassador. But they just aren't used as commercial cars any longer, so we let our last permits for these cars expire. Somehow we can't yet bring ourselves to remove this from our website. Maybe if there is enough demand, we'll buy one again someday.

No matter how good our cars are, we don't have any control over the condition of Indian roads. Except that we pay our taxes. On some stretches, your top speed may only be 35km, giving you lots and lots of time to absorb the scenery!

All our cars are AC cars. All our drivers speak English.

See this page for an idea of the differences in car prices.

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Why, aren't you having fun? Why travel by car, anyway? Look for your name on a placard. Check out the city. Email us for service. Free advice!